Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michelle's Multimedia Presentation. ADMT Aging Challenge

This is my video on my multimedia presentation (: Hope you enjoy it!

- Michelle Dapito

Monday, July 26, 2010

Essential Questions (More ideas generated)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Essential Questions Mindmap

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Essential Questions

How can the elderly feel more welcome into the society?

What are the major challenges elderly face?

How can life be convenient even though we have aged?

How do we convince the elderly's families not to leave them in the homes and take care of them instead?

What kind of special transportation and food should the elderly have?

Nowadays, a percentage of elderly do not feel welcomed in the society because their families leave them alone on the streets or in the old folks home. They would feel lonely as they lost a family. They also have some challenges they face because of the modern design and infrastructure. When we age, our lives MAY be less convenient because there would be no one to take care of us and there are some things we will not be able to do already. Because of the challenges, the elderly should have special transportations for them to make their lives more convenient and overcome their challenges. Some elderly would also have trouble chewing some food, so maybe they could have special food for them to eat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 4

I notice that some elderly like exercising. This is a good thing for them as it helps to keep them fit and strong. Besides from running, I also see some elderly doing Tai Ji to help them physically and mentally. This also helps them to gain more friends and enjoy themselves, rather than staying at home and doing nothing. However, during their exercise, they should not exert themselves or they may hurt themselves slightly or a lot, which may be dangerous, due to their old age.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 3

Around shopping districts, there are several ramps with railings to provide the elderly with support. Elderly can stabilize themselves more when walking on these ramps and holding the railings than taking the stairs, over-exerting themselves.

There are also many benches and chairs for the elderly to sit when they are tired and need a short rest. They also can sit there and talk to their friends and socialize more, so they feel more welcome in our society.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 2

There are lifts in HDB flats that benefit the elderly, so that they do not need to take the hassle of using the staircase to go up the building. The lift buttons have brail that enable the visually handicapped seniors to press them.

A similar application is also in the MRT Stations where the floors have something like the brail that helps the blind walk and find their way to the MRT Platforms and MRT.