Monday, January 25, 2010


Laptop Bag

P: Light, Cushion to protect my laptop, Attractive, Colourful, Portable
I : -
E : -
S : Can help you carry your laptop to places and you can use your laptop to communicate with people.

Something that we passed down from your father/grandfather, etc. (School Backpack)

P: Light, Big enough to put all my things, Colourful, Attractive, Portable
I : Backpack so that the weight on my shoulders is balanced
E : -
S : Helps me express my style of bags

MRT Station

P: Easy to enter and exit, has escalators so that we do not need to climb the stairs
I : Meet my friends there
E : -
S : Can meet my friends there and take the MRT to some places

Watching a movie

P: The movie theatre is comfortable and we can eat popcorn and drink while watching the movie
I : The movie must be interesting to make sure people watch
E : The moral of the movie can be deep or superficial
S : Can watch movies together with my friends

- Done by : Michelle Dapito


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